Shared MON|SUN moments

We love it when you share your MONSUN moments!   @Nathalierajic doesn’t do after-hour drinks, she does After Hour Moist! @carolinesandstrom treats her body a little extra on Saturdays with the After Hour Moist body lotion and Saturday Skin Potion oil in gel.

Perfect Match

Time to treat your hands? We have the ultimate combo! Whenever Wash Hand Soap, Calming Oats – For a refreshing everyday wash, with calming oats for a soothing sensation. Leaves your hands clean and soft All Day Treat Hand Lotion, Calming Oats – Enriched with calming oats, this hand lotion hydrates and soothes your hands. Use daily to get… Continue reading “Perfect Match”

Summer gift

Revitalize and cleanse your body with our summer gift. Right now* you receive a Scrub Towel when buying two optional products from MON SUN. The Weekly Scrubdown Scrub Towel gently exfoliates your skin and stimulates circulation. Go shop here!   *The offer is valid online and in all KICKS stores. Campaign period 25/7-14/8 2018    

Get to know our injections

Explore our injection product Lights Out Body & Pillow Mist. Inspired by leading trends within skincare, MON|SUN has developed an add-on injection product for each range to further highlight the brand’s contemporary take on the Scandinavian SPA-routine. These products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, AHA-acid, niacinamide and beta-glucan. Lights… Continue reading “Get to know our injections”