Get to know our series Detox & Antioxidant

Give your skin some extra glow with our Detox & Antioxidant Series. Detox & Antioxidant is a range of protective and hydrating products, rich in antioxidants from red algae as well as AHA acid (in selected products) that exfoliates and moisturises the skin. The active formulas help to protect and strengthen the skin, giving it a natural glow. The fresh notes of eucalyptus, musk and lily of the valley recall the scent from a light morning rain on mint leaves. Explore the whole range here. Now 20% off in all KICKS stores and online!


Our favourite pick of the week: Bright Daylight Room Diffuser – Create an ambience filled with fresh sprinkles of rosemary, eucalyptus and sandalwood, for indoor moments at ease. A room diffuser with a thick wooden stick for a Scandinavian touch, recalling the scent from a light rain on mint leaves.


All products are 100% vegan and made in Sweden.